Can you switch your smartphone with a keypad mobile for a day? Of course, not. From booking flights to online shopping the applications running on your phone give you can access to an entirely new world. With more than two million active Android users, the Google app store and other third-party Android distributors have opened the door of opportunity for aspiring developers. IOS developers account for only 33.4% of the market whereas android developers have a greater share of 44.6 %. This had led to a proliferation of android app development company in Dubai.
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The total of android application reached 2.1 million in the past year. The figure is getting bigger with the rapid increase in smartphones in underdeveloped countries. 

Here are the nine major benefits of android app development - 

1. Freely accessible

Being an open source platform Android gives the developers an opportunity to develop applications without paying an extra cost of licensing. The SDK (software development kit) offered by Android is an effective tool for the creation of apps.

2. Easy approval process

Unlike the Apple play store applications for Android devices get easily published on Google play store. Thus, you don’t have to wait for a long duration and feel dejected when an application fails to comply with the guidelines. 

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3. Testing 

Now the developers can publish their own application anytime in the market. Analyzing the number of downloads, feedback, and reviews, they can update the version of their Android app. Bringing something to the table that is more suited to the audience's needs is simple with the free app distribution networks. 

4. Customizable UI

There are no barriers to how the application’s interface works. You can fill in all your creativity and built an innovative app with vivid features. You can add a number of customizable options. Having an improved and interactive UI is what the android app development company in Dubai recommend. 

5. Easy to adopt

The android apps developed mainly in Java language which has a number of libraries. The mobile developers find it easier to build an application in Java. Android development gives them the comfort to transform their ideas into compelling applications that can be readily built. 

6. Broder market

Other than the Google Play store, you can sell your android application on a number of other digital app stores like Amazon app store. If you have a good marketing strategy with multiple channels you can skyrocket your app’s downloads. 

7. High ROI

If you are a wanna-be-developer starting with an Android app might be the best fit. With low investment cost, you can enjoy putting an application in the market with just a one time fee.  This increases the ROI by reducing the development cost. 

8. Security

The regular updates from Android create a secure environment for businesses. These days have a mobile application is a must for businesses, security is their major concern. A secured platform is a way to successfully implementing app marketing techniques for business. The android app development company in Dubai takes good care of creating an app that is safe from data breach and hacking. 

Conclusion - The lower cost of android development, high ROI, larger audience and lower barriers have made it possible for app developers to publish application fasts. The open source development provides more chances to developers for testing their applications. 

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